Australian first EV Range Tool

Australian first EV Range Tool

Volt Report Technologies is pleased to announce the market launch of Australia's first EV range tool. The Volt Report indexes and visualises the EV range of available vehicles for the Australian market. With hundreds of makes and models supported all the way back to 2014 you can explore the range of your next EV all over Australia.

The website available at fuses advanced route finding with deep historical industry information. Users can pick to see one vehicle's range or compare them side by side in comparison mode.

Once the vehicle(s) and a starting point are chosen the system then maps all potential driving distances to achieve the reported range. The system uses Google Maps data to map the routes needed to be taken to find the edges of the literal 100% to 0% empty range of the vehicle. This means you can visually see how far your EV can take you before you need to charge up.

This is all offered to consumers and dealerships for free to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. Australians buying need to be informed and we help them do that by;

Knowing The Battery Range - Be Informed of your options and pure battery range for vehicles available in Australia. If it's available we have its range at new and you can even enter custom ranges for more advanced analysis.

Comparing Cars By Range - Compare EVs by their range to get a visual map of how far each could take you on a single charge. You can compare new with used, or two new vehicles side by side.

Viewing Chargers Around Your Area - View chargers around Australia and see them along with your projected EV range.

The Volt Report team mentioned that they hope the tool helps the community be more aware of EV range and dealers to have a more informed discussion with their customers on the topic. They gather information from vehicle manufacturers for Australian specific and available models, then seek the WLTP Range, this is the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure. This test measures the range of a car travelling at an average speed of 46.5 km/h in summer temperatures from a 100% to 0% state of charge. The actual range achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. They use calculations based on Google maps distance to determine the road based travel for the desired car. This isn't a perfect reprasentation of range as real world range is impact by driving style, terrain, temperature, humidity and much more. The exact range is never known but they give you a good guide when purchasing your EV.