Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Apology

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Apology

The 29-year-old actress Amber Heard, along with her husband Johnny Depp, issued the most laughably awkward apology from their Gold Coast hotel while in Australia as Heard faced charges over bringing the couple's two dogs to Australia illegally last year.

Heard was issued with a one-month good behaviour bond after admitting to falsifying customs documents in unlawful bringing their pair's dogs, Pistol and Boo, into Australia from the US in April last year. This was during the time that Johnny Depp was filming another movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

According to the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, the Hollywood couple were less than willing to participate in this video on Australian biosecurity. As part of the case, Heard and Depp released a video that was played in court, lauding Australia's biosecurity rules.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said Heard offered her repentance for breaking the rules, and to cover the costs of the video. However, Joyce seemed unsure.

It was offered. Whether the court accepts it or not as part of an outcome is really the realm of the court, and in this instance the court did, he told reporters. I don't think it is something they would have willingly wanted to do.

He said everyone entering Australia should respect the country's particular nuances. Every nation has something its red-hot about, and we're red-hot about biosecurity requirements in this nation, Joyce said.

However, the video was a real punishment for the couple which depicts both Depp and Heard looking very sorry for themselves while certifying their respect and love for Australia, as well as the importance of bio-security laws. Starting off with Heard's solemn statement Australia is a wonderful island, the apology goes from bad to worse, and of course, the video broke the Internet and caused mockery of them far and wide.

It could have been worse. In 2015, Joyce threatened to have Pistol and Boo killed. But now Joyce is satisfied with the pair's international humiliation, even questioning Depp's acting skills.

What I can say is although I don't think he'll get an academy award for his performance, the fact that he did it … he looked like he was auditioning for the Godfather," said Joyce.

"At the end of it we've got a message that is going all around the world right now, it's going off like a frog in a sock telling people that if you come into this nation and you don't obey our laws, you're in trouble."

"As far as me directing this atrocious movie, no, even I could have done a little better than that. Do it again Johnny, do it with gusto mate, a little gusto."

This is the transcript of the video:

Amber Laura Heard: Australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people.

John Christopher Johnny Depp II: That has to be protected.

Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are common place around the world. That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws.

[Johnny Depp:] And Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. When you disrespect Australian law they will tell you firmly.

[Amber Heard:] I am truly sorry Pistol and Boo were not declared. Protecting Australia is important.

[Johnny Depp:] Declare everything when you enter Australia. (nods head) Thanks.

Chris Hemsworth rewards teenager

Chris Hemsworth rewards teenager

The Aussie/Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth thought his personal cards and a wad of cash were gone for good when he left them at a restaurant. However, fate had a surprise in store for him when 17-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Barker contacted his representatives to say he had found the items and wanted to reunite them with their owner.

Chris wrote back to Tristin and gifted him the entire cash contents of the wallet, which he "never expected to see again".

Chris explained: "I went to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport and we were a little early so we were killing some time and went to have something to eat. It was a pretty rough little area and we sat down and I left my wallet on the table, and thought 'I'm never going to get it back, I'm never going to see it again.'

"My business manager contacts me because it's my address on my license, and this letter from this young boy (...) and he's found my wallet."

The 17-year-old admitted he was speechless to find the Hollywood actor's wallet. The everyday hero was bound to have yet another surprise when he was invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and there Ellen presented Tristin with a $10,000 cheque to be put toward his college fund, donated by image publishing company Shutterfly.

Apparently, the teenaged would have been content just to attend the taping of the talk show. Meeting Tristin on the show, The Huntsman: Winter's War actor added: He sent the wallet to me and he said ‘P.S. Mum saw you were on Ellen this week and asked if we could have some tickets.'

He said at Ellen's show that they investigated who the wallet belonged to and once he found out he said: Mum, you know who this is? We found Thor's wallet.

He asked Chris Hemsworth if he could write him a thank you letter because the teenager is trying to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, so Chris Hemsworth gave him the letter on Ellen show. The teenager wants the Eagle Batch to keep building shelters for horses.

Vivid Sydney Festival

Vivid Sydney Festival

A unique annual event of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney is a multi-award winning winter festival which features an outdoor gallery of extraordinary lighting sculptures, a cutting-edge contemporary music program, some of the world's most important creative industry forums and, last but not least, the mesmerising illumination of the Sydney Opera House. Next one will be 25 May - 16 June 2018.

Every year, the festival returns to illuminate Sydney with new thrilling precincts to explore, new light art to inspire and a feast of entertainment for everyone. This event has grown into the largest of its kind in the world, attracting more than 1.7 million visitors ear year.

Part of the lighting festival also includes performances from local and international musicians and an ideas exchange forum featuring public talks and debates from leading creative thinkers.

The winter event takes place in central Sydney over the course of three weeks in May and June. The centrepiece of Vivid Sydney is the light sculptures, multimedia interactive work and building projections that transform various buildings and landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in and around the Sydney CBD into an outdoor night time canvas of art.

Vivid began as a Smart light festival in 2009 for energy efficiency curated by Lighting Designer Mary-Anne Kyriakou and headlined by Brian Eno. The latter, in collaboration with lighting designer Bruce Ramus, projected Light Painting onto both sides of the Opera House.

Vivid is also a commercial success. According to New South Wales Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, Vivid 2012 attracted more than 500,000 visitors to the outdoor exhibition and events, generating around $10 million in income for the state. One year later, the festival attracted more than 800,000 visitors, contributing more than $20 million to the NSW economy.

In 2014, the festival involved the Sydney Opera House, Walsh bay, Circular Quay, The Rocks, North Sydney, Darling Harbour, and, joining in for the first time, Harbour Lights, The Star and Carriageworks. In 2015, Vivid Sydney attracted more than 1.7 million visitors to the city.

Vivid Sydney also includes a large range of interactive activities with the unique technology that is offered. While the large light shows are displayed on the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Birdge, there are also multiple smaller exhibits located around the harbour.

One of the interactive activities in the harbour was called Musical cubes. In this activity, a group of 6 individuals would take part in a musical experiment. There is also another activity in the harbour called the Heart of the City.

The Heart of the City resembled a large, solid beanbag chair and was located near the Sydney Opera House. Upon reaching the front of the line, participants would be asked to seat themselves in the middle of the chair. Once seated, they had to insert their fingers into a small hole in the middle of the chair. If your finger was inserted right, the chair would begin to light up red to match your heartbeat. As participants realised this, their heart rate would increase causing the chair to light up very quickly.

Another activity involved Canon Cameras. So if you attend VIVID Sydney with a Canon camera, you are able to participate in special unique activities that are meant to make use of your Canon Camera.

Learn to surf in Australia with Mojosurf

Learn to surf in Australia with Mojosurf

The idea of surfing might seem extremely slippery. For sure, your first attempt at surfing will feel like there is no way to keep your balance or ever stand on the board. But if you persevere, you'll soon be catching a wave and paddling back to give it another go.

Since it takes quite a while to master the art of surfing, the best way to learn is at a surf camp - a guesthouse with guides who take you to the beach every day and teach you in the water. It will force you to learn how to surf, instead of taking single lessons every once in a while, and you will meet people in process as well as you will find spots only the locals know. One of the best surf camps in the world is brought to you by Mojosurf.

Mojosurf caters specifically for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing in a fun and safe surf culture environment. The surf instructors and guides will take you to the most suitable surf locations according to your progress and help you understand the surf conditions, locations, local cultures, customs and other need to know jive around. Beyond the surfing adventures, Mojosurf also offers a vibrant nightlife, adventurous road trips and stunning remote locations. You can find surf camps along the East Coast of Australia, such as Spot X in Arrawarra, Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Mojosurf was founded by two friends Nat and Dan, who were born and bred surfing on Australia's East Coast. They met in the surf and shared the same dream to give up their day jobs and enjoy a life of fun, surfing, adventure, travel and meeting new people.

In 1998 the mates turned their vision into a reality when they created the guided Mojosurf adventure cruising the Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay. This was the life: meeting new people, surfing every day, teaching surfing, travelling to the best surf spots, eating great food, having fun nonstop day and night, and living the dream.

Such a great experience could not remain a secret for too long and soon word spread that they best way to learn surfing and experience the surfer's lifestyle was to catch a ride with Mojosurf and let the good times roll.

Mojosurf's idea that everybody should experience surfing, the lifestyle and the culture in a fun and safe way has seen them expand and become one of the world's biggest surf tuition, travel and adventure groups.

Mojosurf now operates surf schools, guided surf adventure and surf camps in awesome surf locations like Australia's East Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay; Raglan in NZ and Bali and beyond.

The breaks around Byron Bay are a good place to start. Mojosurf takes you to the best beach for your ability and will get you back in time for happy hour. Accommodation includes dorm room, waterfront cabin or tipi.

There are also other activities you can do at the campsite. For instance, you can play some beach volleyball/football/cricket, paddle a kayak, kick back in a hammock or beanbag, shoot some pool, amongst others.

Nightlife include drinks around the campfire or a rowdy night in Byron Bay.