Bizarre Facts About Australia

Bizarre Facts About Australia

Right before you land in Australia, the flight crew shows you an image warning you that there are over 1000 species in Australia that can kill you in a matter of seconds, yet the country is still one of the world's top destination. So there must be a reason why. It might not sound safe, but surely it is so, so don't let this article dissuade you from travelling Down Under, characterised by an undeniably bizarre nature. And there are also some shocking facts that seem to be taken from a science fiction film about this wonderful land you are about to learn.

Far North Queensland's rainforests host a neurotoxic stinging tree that feels like electrocuted and burnt with hot acid at the same time, leading to months of excruciating. But don't stress, if you find yourself in Far North Queensland, you'll find signs warning you of the stinging tree that can cause severe pain and distress, advising you to see immediate medical attention if stung. Dial 000.

Irukandji might be the size of a $2 coin, but it's venom is 100 times more potent than cobra venom. Not looking so insignificant now, is it?

Try not to lose an eye in Australia - literally. The fact is that every year some unfortunate person loses an eye to one of Australia's most dangerous predators - the magpie.

Originally, Australia's cyclones were named after politicians a weatherman disliked. Consequently, he could report that the pollies were causing great distress or wandering aimlessly about the Pacific.

Have you watched the film thunderbirds? Well, this is nothing like it. Just imagine that giant thunderbirds roamed Australia as recently as 15,000 years ago. It's like being closer to the film Jurassic Park.

With over 10,685, you could visit a new beach in Australia every day for more than 29 years.

Undeniable the force is in Australia with 65,486 Jedi (including Jedi Knights, Padawan and Sith Lords), which makes Jedi the 18th biggest religion in Australia.

In Australia, they like their happy drinks, and animals are no exception. In 2013, a feral pig stole 18 beers from campers, got drunk and started a fight with a cow.

Alcohol also plays a part in Australia's History. For instance, rum was the main currency in colonial Australia. When Gov. William Bligh tried to end the army officers' monopoly in 1808, his government was overthrown in the only coup in Australian history.

Brisbane Festivals

Brisbane Festivals

From film to comedy festivals, Oktoberfest and yoga fairs, events in Brisbane caters to every crazy all year long.

Ocean Film Festival Australia

Showcasing the world's best ocean cinematography from above and below the surface, this festival is a must for ocean lovers. Get ready to be fascinated by fascinating underwater scenes and fast-paced sequences, along with spellbinding and breathtaking footage from above the surface. The cost for adults is £30, child $22 and group tickets are $25.50 per person.

Brisbane Comedy Festival

Who is up for a laugh? Each year Brisbane Comedy Festival gathers dozens of international and Australian comedians for a night full of giggles and chuckles. With sarcasm, dark and silly humour, comedians are all set to crack you up.

Sail Festival

The Easter Bunny goes nautical for a colourful seaside celebration in Brisbane. With hundreds of markets lining up the beautiful foreshores of Suttons Beach, you'll be spoilt for choice. Treat yourself to some delicious snacks while you enjoy the stage entertainment or get on rides. There are also kids workshops for the little ones in this festival that takes place early April.

Illuminations Festival

Colourful lanterns, projections and illuminations display will bring the foreshore alongside the Wynnum wading pool and jetty to life in a a festival like no other. Designed to thrill your senses, the light show is accompanied by fire twirlers, street entertainers, a day/twilight market and music entertaining visitors over the winter solstice weekend. The event is culminated by a street lantern parade and local artwork based on the theme of Illuminations.

School Fete

Offering rides, homemade products, face painting, school based performances, entertainment and other activities, this festival is designed to make the whole family happy.


With a large diversity of Yoga workshops, style presentations, Chinese Medicine, dance, massage and plenty more activities, this festival is a must for Yoga aficionados.

Oktoberfest Brisbane

There may be countless Oktoberfest spin-offs around the world, but Brisbane's German Festival has its own identity and taste. From mouthwatering German sausages to pork knuckles, schnitzels and pretzels, desserts - including the black forest cake, Bavarian cheesecakes and apple strudels- the cultural event is sure to delight your palate. Yet no Oktoberfest celebration is complete without the drink that started this tradition - beer! Make sure you sip on some of the handcrafted beers on offer while you dance or enjoy the performances and entertainment through the festival

Daniel Johns Aerial Love

Daniel Johns Aerial Love

It took over 8 years, and finally one of Australia's top musicians released an album that now needs a re-listen one year on. His debut song as a solo artist is titled Aerial Love', an airy piece of modern pop he created with Lorde and Broods collaborator, Joel Little.

Daniel Johns became world famous in 1994 as the front man of grunge band Silverchair. The band kept rising in popularity with their following albums to become one of Australia's most influential bands of all times. With Diorama, we could perceive the band's intention to swerve from its Grunge roots to become more alternative. The next album, Straight Lines, confirmed that this trajectory was meant to continue.

That was the last album Silverchair released as a band, but Daniel Johns also had side projects while he was in Silverchair and after. An diversion from rock music was latent in the music he released with another band he formed, The Dissociatives and other collaborations he was part of over the years, for instance with Kimbra.

However, an even more surprising collaboration was released recently in 2014 when Daniel Johns featured with rapper 360 in the single Impossible.

With the release of his new song, Aerial Love, Daniel Johns proves once again his capacity to surprise, revolutionize and innovate himself. Starting from Grunge to alternative rock, pop, rap and more soulful melody found in Aerial Love, Daniel Johns has shown himself to be an eclectic, curious and ambitious artist that lives to challenge himself, experiment with new music and evolve as an artist.

The song was accompanied by a trailblazing video created by using drone camera technology. The video was directed by Lorin Askill (Flume & Chet Faker, Phoenix and Sia's Chandelier editor. The video transmits the song's weightlessness, timeless, shyly carnal feel.

Overseas tourists

Overseas tourists

There were 624,000 visitor arrivals during October 2015, an increase of 6.9 per cent relative to the same period of the previous year. This growth rate is moderate

This brings us to 7.27 million visitor arrivals for year ending October 2015, an increase of 6.7 per cent relative to the previous year. This represents an extra 455,000 visitors on the previous year.

Hostorically, there were 6.1 million visitor arrivals for year ending January 2013 in Australia. This entails an increase of 4.1% relative to the previous year. As to the month of January 2013, there were 495,000 visitor arrivals which shows a decline of 1.5% in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

The great majority of visitors, a total of 82,100, came from New Zealand during January 2013, an increase of 9.5% relative to the same month previous year.

Visitors from China are still highly relevant Down Under. During January 2013, 58,700 tourists from the Asian country visited Australia, which reflects a decline of 24% relative to the same month in 2012.

UK visitors still represent the majority of European visitors in the Antipodes. There were 57,800 visitors from the United Kingdom during the month of study, which shows an increase of 1.4% year on year.

There has been a positive growth in US visitor numbers to Australia. On January 2013, a total of 42,100 American tourists visited Australia, which represents an increase of 8.5% relative to the same month previous year. Consequently, Americans represent the fourth largest tourist group in Australia.

Also, while the number of European visitors increases (France, 8%; Germany, 2.3%), the number of some Southeast Asian countries declines (Singapore, 8.4%; Malaysia, 4.7%). In the meantime, some Northeast Asian countries show different trends; while the number of Korean visitors has seen an increase by 9.4%, the number of visitors from Taiwan has declined by 9.9% relative to the same month in 2012.