Waxed One Direction figures to visit Sydney

Waxed One Direction figures to visit Sydney

Waxed One Direction figures to visit Sydney

What makes them identical makes them beautiful... or something like that. Good-looking or not, we are yet to see if the wax figures to be created of all five members of pop sensation One Direction resemble the young singers.

That is why the band members are being measured up from nose to toe, so fans can have pictures with their idols' exact replica. Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niail have been involved throughout the sculpting process and taken part in suggesting the style their figures will be portrayed in.

The wax figures will embark on a world tour that will visit three Madame Tussauds venues. First, the figures will land in London, then New York City and it will end in Sydney from 24 October 2013 to 28 January 2014.

We have been overwhelmed by requests for us to feature One Direction, states Madame Tussauds' official website. The boys have been top of the most wanted personalities list in London, New York and Sydney for the last 12 months, so we are delighted we can now bring their figures to each of these cities in a special ‘world tour'.

The members of the thriving band have also expressed their excitement with this project. Harry commented he is delighted to be getting waxed. We're just kind of a bit overwhelmed. We've been to Madame Tussauds and seen the kind of people who are in there. It's crazy to think that we will be up there with them. Nial added, We were super excited to find out that they were making us and that people felt we were worthy of figures.

Louis commented on how honoured he felt. I think it's going to be quite weird to see yourself as a wax figure. But it's an amazing honour to be there. If you look at some of the names that are in there. We are very proud.

We actually first heard when we were over at Madame Tussauds looking at the figures so we were even more like WOW we're going to get one of these made. And they are so amazing as well! added Liam.

Sculpture at Scenic

Sculpture at Scenic

Sculpture at Scenic World 2013

Take a ride on the world's steepest railway into a lost world of art and nature. Held annually, Sculpture at Scenic World is Australia's only dedicated rainforest sculpture exhibition.

Far from the white walls of galleries and museums, the event showcases artworks in the natural splendour of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. Sculpture at Scenic World 2013 has gathered a range of outstanding local, national and international artists who will exhibit their works on the Jamison Valley floor from 24 April to 19 May this year.

A collection of Blue Mountain tourism operators have joined efforts to celebrate ‘Sculpture at Scenic World 2013'. Scenic World, The Carrington, Lilianfels Resort & Span and the Fairmont Resort have designed incentive deals which include the Ultimate Sculpture Pass with unlimited rides on all of the Scenic World's attractions. The exhibition is free with Scenic World ticket purchase.

Awards include the Scenic World Acquisitive Award prize of AU$20,000 and an individually crafted trophy by internationally renowned artist Keith Rowe.

Visitors will have the opportunity to view from an elevated boardwalk thirty-six world-class sculptures in a breathtaking rainforest setting. Selected artworks include works that answer to and represent the rainforest through various media including digital, sound and light, together with collaborative and other newly created works.

The synthesis between nature and human artful expressions somehow evoke a remote time when humans had a stronger connection with the forest. At the same time, the showcase expresses another type of bond between nature and living things in their life cycle. Visitors will be able to recreate themselves in an interesting combination of colours, artistic creations and the dazzling natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Sculpture Otherwise is an indoor exhibition that shows maquettes, drawings, photographs, video works and small scale sculptures by exhibiting artists. Also, the public program includes artist talks, kids workshops, guided tours and panel discussions.

Queensland Music Festival returns in July

Queensland Music Festival returns in July

Queensland Music Festival returns in July

The best of local, national and international talent come together in Brisbane to perform a wide range of music from 12 to 28 July to celebrate another year of The Queensland Music Festival (QMF). The festival -a biennial state-wide celebration of music- is a major cultural and artistic success story with a reputation that crosses national boundaries and a wide geographical reach.

QMF will return this lucky year with hundreds of events programmed in more than 30 regions across Queensland. Most of the events are free, and many feature large-scale collaborations with communities.

All eyes will be on Brisbane when the World's Biggest Orchestra assemble opens the festival in 13 July 2013. The Orchestra and internationally renowned musician James Morrison will fill Queensland's skies with awe-inspiring music in an official Guinness Worlds Records performance.

The full QMF program of events will be launched in May 2013 on the QMF website. Excitement among music lovers builds up to see if this year the festival will be as successful as in 2011. In its previous celebration, QMF featured a mind-blowing 202 events in Brisbane and 34 regional remote centres throughout Queensland. Over 178,000 people attended the event in 2011, Brisbane shows were sold out and its world premiere performances enjoyed both popular and critical acclaim.

QMF claims that their vision is to transform lives through unforgettable musical experiences. As the website states, the festival ignites artistic potential. In collaboration with councils and the communities, QMF inspires participation in music-making and performances that reflect local culture and tell local stories.

Also, QMF works with communities throughout Queensland to make the joy of music accessible to all and connect people with place and community while celebrating the richness and diversity of the state. One of the events of QMF is called Score IT! and it is meant to encourage young composers to create a unique and original composition to accompany a short film.

Queensland Music Festival, originally named the Brisbane Biennial Festival of Music, was founded back in 1990 with the support of the Queensland Government.

Sex and the City Costumes Exhibition

Sex and the City Costumes Exhibition

Sex and the City Costumes Exhibition

Get Carried away by Sex and the City's fashionable costumes. Fans will be able to see up close those iconic outfits that marked the style of those powerful women and created fashion victims/followers worldwide.

The New York City Style Exhibition -first if its kind in the world- showcases 40 outfits from the Sex and the City HBO series and movies at Chadstone Shopping Centre near the Australian city of Melbourne. The costumes will be on display from the first to the 31st of March.

The collection has been curated by the show's own Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning costume designer, Patricia Field. It was Field's brains, talent and sense of style what made the character of Carrie Bradshaw a fashion icon of the early 21st century. Field created a unique style for each character: Carrie is the uptown chic and creative urbanite with a free and fearless sense of fashion; Samantha's style is a symbiosis of sexy and elegance; Charlotte reflects with her outfits the Upper East Side with her preppy style; and Miranda -the successful lawyer- mixes corporate chic and androgynous panache.

Let yourself be seduced by New York City style and get a closer look to Carrie's voluminous Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, her beautiful Carrie necklace and even get to see her black diamond wedding ring.

Get inside the story and be mesmerised by layers and layers of the gorgeous Versace gown Carrie wore in Paris, when she was stood up by artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. And there is more... see Samantha's black CD Greene dress she wore to Carrie's rehearsal dinner, Charlotte's Oscar de la Renta Mexico maxi and Miranda's amazing Julien Macdonald frock she donned at Stratford and Anthony's wedding.