Australian first EV Range Tool

Australian first EV Range Tool

Volt Report Technologies is pleased to announce the market launch of Australia's first EV range tool. The Volt Report indexes and visualises the EV range of available vehicles for the Australian market. With hundreds of makes and models supported all the way back to 2014 you can explore the range of your next EV all over Australia.

The website available at fuses advanced route finding with deep historical industry information. Users can pick to see one vehicle's range or compare them side by side in comparison mode.

Once the vehicle(s) and a starting point are chosen the system then maps all potential driving distances to achieve the reported range. The system uses Google Maps data to map the routes needed to be taken to find the edges of the literal 100% to 0% empty range of the vehicle. This means you can visually see how far your EV can take you before you need to charge up.

This is all offered to consumers and dealerships for free to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. Australians buying need to be informed and we help them do that by;

Knowing The Battery Range - Be Informed of your options and pure battery range for vehicles available in Australia. If it's available we have its range at new and you can even enter custom ranges for more advanced analysis.

Comparing Cars By Range - Compare EVs by their range to get a visual map of how far each could take you on a single charge. You can compare new with used, or two new vehicles side by side.

Viewing Chargers Around Your Area - View chargers around Australia and see them along with your projected EV range.

The Volt Report team mentioned that they hope the tool helps the community be more aware of EV range and dealers to have a more informed discussion with their customers on the topic. They gather information from vehicle manufacturers for Australian specific and available models, then seek the WLTP Range, this is the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure. This test measures the range of a car travelling at an average speed of 46.5 km/h in summer temperatures from a 100% to 0% state of charge. The actual range achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. They use calculations based on Google maps distance to determine the road based travel for the desired car. This isn't a perfect reprasentation of range as real world range is impact by driving style, terrain, temperature, humidity and much more. The exact range is never known but they give you a good guide when purchasing your EV.

Top Movie Venues in Sydney

Top Movie Venues in Sydney

Going to the cinema is almost as famous in Sydney as going surfing, grilling, eating out, or watching the Test series. Even when the world is flooded with screens and various technological advancements, and viewing movies is as simple as looking at your phone, Sydney's finest theatres are surviving because Sydney residents like the social experience of seeing a movie. Several cinemas have closed in the recent decade, but new ones have opened in their place. So, where can you find the greatest theatres in Sydney? Here's a consideration of the quality of the film selection, the architecture, and the overall enjoyment of the experience

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace: Cremorne's Art Deco movie palace is a breathtaking journey back in time. Built in 1935 by George Kenworthy, the leading theatrical architect of the day, the current setting was even glitzier than the original due to a $2.5 million refurbishment a few years ago. The six auditoria each have their own colour scheme and design, but the 744-seat Orpheum is the actual showpiece. On weekends, an original Wurlitzer movie organ, complete with flashing lights and a smirking organist, rises from a stage pit.

Next is the Ritz Cinema Randwick. The six-screen Ritz theatre is both a local icon and an excellent site for viewing the newest mainstream blockbusters, with a striking Art Deco design restored to its former 1930s splendour and a great sound system. Cinema buffs go to the Ritz for its excellent acoustics, vintage charm, and retrospective screenings in the evening. Upstairs, the legendary Bar Ritz features a marble bar and balcony, ideal for pre-and post-movie cocktails.

The Golden Age Cinema. The Golden Age Cinema and Bar is a well-known basement tenant of the magnificent Paramount skyscraper. The structure was built in 1940 as the offices of Paramount Pictures, and it had a basement theatre for showcasing movies to theatre owners. The proprietors transformed the former screening room into a 60-seat cinema with an attached bar in 2013. It shows both old and current releases, frequently on the outskirts of the art house.

Palace Central Cinema. Palace Central, which opened in October 2017, is a 13-screen facility within the Central Park Mall with numerous lounges and bar areas with panoramic views of one of Sydney's most vibrant metropolitan settings. There is a big beer hall featuring local and foreign craft beers, a Champagne bar, and an interactive wine wall at the movie. Food includes products from top suppliers, as well as daily sweets from the Brickfields bakery.

Chauvel Cinema. This famous local theatre is part of the Palace Cinemas franchise and is named after the Jedda-born Australian film pioneer Charles Chauvel. Its proscenium arch adds a touch of grandeur to the craft of filmmaking, and the crew is quite knowledgeable. Screenings are usually quite arty, and the venue also hosts Cinemateque screenings. Make a point of visiting the bar area, which features a wall collage of the 1960s and 1970s cinema. And then there’s the Palace Norton Street Cinemas. The Palace Cinemas in Leichhardt were completely renovated in 2013 and now include eight licensed auditoriums and an elegant lobby with a lounge bar and café on-site. Some of the greatest yearly film festivals, such as the French, Spanish, Greek, German, and Italian, are held at Palace Norton Street. It is also near Norton Street's restaurants and colourful culture.

Palace Verona Cinemas: Intellectuals and art-house audiences from Paddington are frequently seen gathering around the Palace Verona. Here, the four screens are on the small side, and the seats are cramped, but the filmgoers are forgiving, especially since this frequently buzzing venue screens an expertly curated line-up of arthouse releases from well-known directors. On the premises, there is a licensed café and a wine and espresso bar. Next is the Skyline Drive-In Blacktown.

The city's only remaining drive-in movie theatre is so popular that on peak evenings, traffic backs up all the way down Reservoir Road and out onto the Great Western Motorway. Residents adore the restaurant's on-point 1950s motif, with diner meals delivered by employees dressed in period attire. There are new blockbusters and classics on the schedule, and if you dare, you can even catch a late-night horror session. Finally, there's the Dendy Newton. The Dendy Newtown features ten screens, super-comfortable seating, Dolby digital surround sound, and a bar. Filmgoers may park for free at the Lennox Street car park behind the cinema, which is a welcome relief from the typically congested King Street.

PADI to Create Ocean Change this May 2022

PADI to Create Ocean Change this May 2022

PADI® is thrilled to announce an exceptional PADI AmbassaDiver™: Indian actress, singer and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Parineeti Chopra.

"A PADI AmbassaDiver is someone who is passionate about using their force for good to encourage others to protect our blue planet," says Kristin Valette Wirth, Chief Brand and Membership Officer. "We could not have found a more respected and authentic partner as Ms. Chopra, a long time ocean lover, to advance our shared mission of saving the ocean. She is unmatched as a shining example of how to protect what you love - and inspire others to do the same."

Chopra, who has always loved the ocean, experienced the magic beneath the surface in 2013 when she took her first breath underwater in Bali. As soon as she surfaced from that dive, she was hooked - and protecting the ocean became very personal for her, receiving her PADI Open Water Diver certification later that year in Palau. Since then she has inspired others around the world–from her family and friends to fans in India– to try scuba diving so they can join her in seeking adventure and saving the ocean.

"The first time I came up to the surface after diving, I was crying because it was such a life-changing experience," says Ms. Chopra. "It is now something I can't live without. I make sure I do a diving trip every three months despite my work schedule because it is my form of meditation. And it is the place I am immensely passionate about protecting."

"We are all equal underwater and all speak the same language. Over the years I have seen the changes that have taken place beneath the surface. During my time as a brand ambassador for Tourism Australia, I witnessed the bleaching and damage that has occurred to the Great Barrier Reef. I was so sad to see this and am now committed to being a diver with a purpose. I have also seen first-hand how marine reserves, like the ones in Sipadan, Malaysia and Palau, prove how valuable marine protected areas are. As a PADI Diver, I want to make sure that our entire blue planet gets the protection it deserves," continues Ms. Chopra.

With over 67 million social media followers and having recently starred in the Netflix movie The Girl on the Train, Chopra joins an elite group of celebrity influencers determined to take personal action and create real change for healthier oceans. Spending nearly all her free time diving around the world, Chopra shares her love for the ocean with her fans, as diving is an important part of her life that allows her to return to nature and reset. She will work with PADI to encourage others to experience the beautiful world underwater as PADI Divers and join her in helping to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean.

"PADI created the AmbassaDiver program to support extraordinary divers who dedicate their lives to illuminating the path that leads from curiosity, exploration, and discovery to understanding, stewardship and action. Ms. Chopra is playing a very important role in ocean conservation, lighting the way for others to become divers themselves and mobilizing communities worldwide to seek adventure and save the ocean with her," continues Valette Wirth.

Ms. Chopra has big plans for 2022 – including becoming a real-life PADI Mermaid and taking part in citizen science projects during her dive trips around the world!

PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the world's largest ocean exploration and diver organization, operating in 186 countries and territories, with a global network of more than 6,600 dive centers and resorts and over 128,000 professional members worldwide. Issuing more than 1 million certifications each year, and with over 29 million certifications to date, PADI enables people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean through underwater education, life-changing experiences and travel. For over 50 years, PADI is undeniably The Way the World Learns to Dive®, maintaining its high standards for dive training, safety and customer service, monitored for worldwide consistency and quality. With a longstanding commitment to environmental conservation, PADI is leading the way for millions of people to actively explore, steward and protect the ocean through its course offerings and partnerships with like-minded, mission-driven organizations. PADI embodies a global commitment to ocean health with its mission to create a billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean. Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean. []

Famous Movies by Liam Hemsworth

Famous Movies by Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, a renowned Australian actor, made his first film appearance in 2009 in the movie Knowing. Liam is not just Chris Hemsworth's little brother. He is a household name in the movie industry, with an acting career that spans over a decade. He became a household name after his second movie, Triangle, and the 2010 film The Hunger Games. Other notable films by Liam Hemsworth are Paranoia, The Expendable 2, and Empire State.

For many years Liam struggled to grab Hollywood's attention with little success. His significant breakthrough was featuring in the T.V series Home and Away, where his performance was widely appreciated, and soon enough, many movie companies started signing contracts with him. Consider some of his greatest movies:

In the 2013 thriller movie' Paranoia' Liam starred together with Harrison Ford. In this movie, a junior employee in an influential corporation is allocated a corner office. This responsibility comes at a price- he must gather intelligence on his master's old mentor to help him secure a multi-billion dollar advantage.

Independence Day: Resurgence is considered one of Liam Hemsworth's best films. The movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, is an account of a few courageous men and women determined to save the planet from aliens attack. Knowing, a 2009 movie is a film that revolves around an M.I.T academic who discovers a series of numbers that connects to disclose the date of an imminent global calamity. Liam plays a minor role in this film alongside stars like Rose Byrne and Nicolas Cage. Though Knowing was met with mixed reviews, the film was considered successful, receiving a lot of praise. However, there was a lot of criticism about the film's conclusive section.

Liam is featured in The Hunger Games, a 2012 film based on the award-winning novel by Suzanne Collins. This movie, a first in the Hunger Games film series, is set in a fictitious nation of Panem. After a dystopian apocalypse, Katniss Everdeen replaces her sister in a competition that is televised across the country. Each district selects two teenagers who are involved in a near-death fight.

Alongside movie stars Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving, Judy Davis, and Julia Blake, Liam is featured in the famous Australian comedy-drama series The Dressmaker. The Dressmaker is about a lady Myrtle, who allegedly kills someone when she was of tender age. Several years later, she goes back to her native town in rural Australia on a revenge mission on the people who did her wrong.

Liam plays the role of Will Blakelee in the movie Last Song, released in 2010. In the film, a seventeen years old defiant teenager, Ronnie Miller, along with her brother Jonah are sent to spend the summer with their separated dad Steve Miller in Georgia. Ronnie, a piano enthusiast, abhors the estate until his encounter with the loc Will Blakelee. The two soon fall in love, and Ronnie mends her ruined relationship with her dad, who is now terminally ill.

In the movie Expendables 2, Barney Ross reconnects with his old schoolmates for a not so difficult assignment from one Mr. Church. However, their new acquaintance, Billy the Kid, is abducted and murdered in cold blood during the mission. The group, motivated by the need to avenge this unfortunate death, races swiftly to hunt down an international criminal and arms dealer, Jean Vilain, for possessing five tons of pure plutonium. Liam features in this action and adventure thriller alongside Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren. He has also featured in the movie 'Isn't It Romantic', which tells the story of Natalie, a New York architect who strives to get the attention of her staff mates and later finds herself in a strange universe. This movie is unique; it allows Liam Hemsworth to act in a different role.

Liam starred alongside Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor, and Michael Dorman in the movie Triangle. Triangle is a psychological movie with many horror scenes revolving around Jess, who, together with her friends, embark on an unfamiliar journey at sea on a yacht. Suddenly they are left with no option other than to jump onto another ship in an attempt to save themselves from mysterious and life-threatening weather conditions. The ship is, however, deserted; they, however, find some food in the dining room.

Apart from featuring in many successful films, Liam Hemsworth's acting career has also encountered some challenges. He has received severe criticism for the movies Arabian Night', The Last Song, and Timeless. This notwithstanding, Liam reassembled himself and never allowed negative criticism to kill his acting career. Eventually, he has become a celebrity in America's acting industry.