Life Lessons From the Super Model Miranda Kerr

Life Lessons From the Super Model Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of the most famous Australian models. Her net worth is put at about $45 million. Miranda was born in 1983 in Sydney, Australia. She first studied psychology and nutrition, but later decided to concentrate on her career as a model. In 1997 at the tender age of13, Miranda Kerr won her first significant modelling competition.

She subsequently signed up for a modelling stint with Chic Management. Later, she appeared in the Billabong beachwear ads. Miranda Kerr soon relocated to New York, signing up with an organization known as the NEXT Model Management. Her modelling career did so well that, in a short while, Miranda became the brand image for many international brands. These included some household names like Betsey Johnson, Roberto Cavalli, Baby Phat, L.A.M.B, Neiman Marcus and Levi's. Miranda even made the cover of some leading international magazines including ‘Elle' and ‘Harper's Bazaar.' Indeed, Miranda famously featured in the pages of the renowned ‘Vogue' magazine, Australian edition.

Later still, Miranda acted as a model on the ‘Project Runway' season finale in 2006. She soon became the face of the New York Maybelline cosmetics. A year later, in 2007, Miranda was recruited by Victoria's Secret. This subsequently made her the first woman from Australia to become a VS Angel.

In 2009, Miranda, together with George Moskos, started a unique line of skincare products. It was known as the KORA Organics. Between 2008 and 2009 the respected ‘Forbes' magazine ranked Miranda Kerr as among the highest-paid models in the world. In her career, Miranda has variously featured as a model for the Vogue, Prada, and Balenciaga magazines.

In 2007, Miranda started dating actor Orlando Bloom. In 2010, the duo wed and a year later, in 2011, Miranda gave birth to a baby boy. During her pregnancy, Miranda was featured in the pages of the glossy ‘Vogue' magazine, scoring a distinction as the first ever pregnant woman to feature on the magazine. Sadly, Miranda and Bloom separated later in 2013.

Love Life

In 2015, Miranda Kerr came out publicly to introduce her newfound boyfriend. This happened in Beverly Hills, at a pre-Grammys gala when Miranda was 32-year-old. The man was Evan Spiegel, the billionaire entrepreneur who founded the famous Snapchat.

This was Miranda's first public romance, coming hot on the heels of the divorce with Orlando Bloom. Miranda said that she and Evan had been friends for a long time before the idea of dating later came in. The relationship between the two was confirmed in November 2015. Miranda glowingly described Spiegel as a kind person, genuine and authentic. The accolades were many. She said Evan was also highly intelligent.

After 6 months of dating, Miranda and Spiegel were ready to introduce the new dad to the boy, born with Orlando, who was then 5 years. Miranda described her new family as warm and caring. She said that, even though her new partner was only 25, Spiegel behaved responsibly, just like a 50 year-old.

She said Spiegel did not like partying. He worked in Venice [Beach], came home, and they rarely ate out. Rather, they prefer to stay at home, have dinner together, and go to bed early.

Miranda admits that there were definite advantages to dating a younger man, because it allowed her to have the best of both worlds.

Generous Beauty Tips

Miranda loves sharing her beauty tips.

She says that having a healthy skin means having a beautiful skin. For this reason, it is important for a woman to feed the skin, both from the inside and the outside.

Here are the tips:

Choose something fresh and organic – whenever possible. Produce and drink enough water. Use nutrient-rich skincare, full of fatty acids. Miranda says that this is precisely why she developed the KORA organics. She says that the supplements are formulated to protect, feed and nourish a woman's skin.

What does Miranda do each day to remain in perfect shape?

Yes, you guessed right. She often works out. Nevertheless, Miranda said that she ensures whatever forms of workouts she chooses reflects what she loves doing. In this way, the whole thing becomes less of a chore. For instance, Miranda says she practices yoga daily. It doesn't matter if this is done for just 20 minutes; it gets done, nevertheless. After this, Miranda says, she does a rotating game between swimming, ballet, cycling, Pilates and hiking to keep in great shape.

Craziest Tales of Australia Revealed

Craziest Tales of Australia Revealed

Australia is well known around the world. This is despite the fact that we are talking about an isolated faraway island that should, in most respects, be nondescript. Have you heard about some really interesting facts about Australia? You will find quite a few of these facts crazier than the craziest tales on record. Here we go:

Australia Can Swallow Entire Europe

Did you know that Australia is actually as large and wide as the measurement of the area lying between London and Moscow? This is Amazing, isn’t it? If you are still wondering what this means, consider this: The whole continent of Europe would actually be small enough to fit into the single country of Australia. Moreover, the whole of Belgium can fit into a single largest property found in Australia.

Despite the fact that Australia is so big, it is intriguing that about 85% of the people of this country reside within 50 km of the country’s coast. Also, this indicates that Australia is very sparsely populated. Just to give us some idea of what this means, the population distribution in the United Kingdom is currently estimated as 248.25 persons in every square kilometer. In comparison, the population distribution in Australia is just 2.66 people for every square kilometer. Keeping these facts in mind, it is not much of a wonder that Australia is so amazing that, each week at least 70 visitors are known to overstay their visas.

Australia’s Richest Woman Rakes in $598 a Second

How wealthy is the country of Australia? Think about this for a fleeting moment:

Melbourne, Australia, was the richest city in the world in 1880. Today, the richest woman in Australia is known as Gina Rinehart. How much does Ms. Herbert earn, calculated in every 30 minutes? Well, the figure comes to $1 million in every half-hour. This translates to $598 per second. Isn’t it a mistake that the authors of world history generally center much on Europe and America exclusively? The right answer is anyone’s guess.

Further, consider this: in 1892, a group of 200 Australian dissidents attempted to establish an offshoot colony located in Paraguay. This colony was named as ‘New Australia.’

There is even more to say about Australia’s rich, amazing history. We all know that the first man in history walked the surface of the moon in 1969. But do we know that the first photos announcing this seminal event in man’s life were shot from Australia? Yes, the memorable photos were beamed and broadcast worldwide from Canberra’s Honeysuckle Tracking Station. Then also, after New Zealand, Australia became only the second country in the world to grant equal voting rights to women, same as men.

Besides being among the United Nation’s original founding members in 1945, Australia is also recognized as the country that gave birth to the popular concept of an 8-hour- working- day. This idea first became part of Australia’s national heritage back in 1956 when the union of stonemasons acted to ensure that this system became the standard, not only in Australia but also worldwide.

Australian PM Breaks Beer-Drinking Record

Interestingly, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a distinctive new world record, sculling 2.5 pints of beer in just 11 seconds. Mr Hawke later joked that his great love for beer contributed much to his popularity and political success.

There are other things that seem to be peculiar to Australia as a country. Think of this: Australia's first ever police force was formed by the best-behaved convicts as a rehabilitative reward. Also, the Qantas in Australia at one time powered an interstate flight using cooking oil as jet fuel.

We probably know that Australians are famous for having an exceptional love for sport. Yet, did you know that Melbourne is today considered by many as the world’s sporting capital? The city earns this distinction primarily because it boasts of making the top level sports accessible to all the citizens. This distinction makes the city rank higher than others in the world.

Australia is quite surprising considering the country’s natural fauna. It is thought that, well before the arrival of man on earth, Australia was already home to 3m tall kangaroos, horse-size ducks, 7m long goannas and a leopard-size marsupial lion.

Yes, the Australian coat-of-arms features several distinct animals. Of these, emus and kangaroos are unique in the sense that they are not able to walk backward. And, of course, Australia has a dubious distinction, being among the only countries where the people can eat the characters on their national coat of arms.

And, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is considered as the earth’s largest living structure, with a unique assigned postbox.

ACDC Band cancels US Tour

ACDC Band cancels US Tour

The famous Australian AC/DC band recently announced the shock departure of veteran singer Brian Johnson. The announcement did not stun the fans as much as the news of who would replace Johnson: Yes, the star singer would be replaced with the controversial Axl Rose of the rival Guns N Roses band.

What caused this shock decision to be made abruptly? The AC/DC band explained that Brian Johnson had suffered from sudden acute hearing problems, thus preventing him from proceeding with the on-going tour. In turn, these events prompted the AC/ DC band to shop for a vocals replacement who could fit in the veteran singer's role.

The band said that, from the outset, it seemed Rose was the right replacement while the AC/DC went on with the tour and planned for more shows. The AC/DC band remains one of the most popular Australian bands on the road. According to a report given to the public, the AC/DC band members expressed gratitude to the lead singer, Brian Johnson, for his deep dedication and sterling contribution to the band and its success throughout the years. The band wished him all the best, with his recovery and future ventures.

Axl Rose Offers Help:

The fans were further told that as it was highly desirable to have the current tour ending successfully. Similarly, it was imperative that the management would understand, respect and support the veteran star's decision to stop the tour event to save his hearing. The AC/DC band reiterated that it was highly dedicated to the fulfilment of the remainder of its touring commitments. It warmly thanked all those who had offered support over the years.

Further, the AC/DC said that the band was fortunate to have Axl Rose, a famous singer, coming out to give support in fulfilling their commitment. Despite these challenges, the AC/DC would unabatedly continue their Rock or Bust Tour of the world, having Rose taking charge of the lead vocals.

Eventually the AC/DC would make a tour of Europe before the world tour ended. Finally, at the end of the European concert, Rose was scheduled to resume the summer stadium tour in the ‘Not in This Lifetime' series, featuring with his usual Guns N' Roses group.

Johnson's Heartfelt Message:

In the meantime, the veteran singer Brian Johnson went on to deliver a heartfelt message to all the AC/DC fans. He went to great lengths to give reasons why he was abruptly quitting this world tour. In his message, Johnson promised to be the dominant voice of the AC/DC on several upcoming studio recordings. He expressed his hope to tour again with the band in the near future.

Johnson revealed that the doctors advised him against continuing to perform in such large venues. He was warned that doing this would be risking total deafness. Johnson admitted that the news horrified him as a startling reality. This was despite the fact that he was already aware of his partial hearing loss, and that it was beginning to interfere with his stage performance.

Johnson said that the AC/DC fans deserved a sterling performance of the highest level, and that, if for some reasons he couldn't deliver, he was not willing to disappoint them or embarrass fellow band members. He added that he wished to assure the fans that he was not planning to retire. He said that the doctors had told him that he could still record in studios. The singer said that he intended to do just that.

For the time being, however, his focus centered on continuing with medical treatment and improving his hearing power. He hoped that his hearing would improve, allowing him to resume live concert performances in future.

Fans Shocked:

Not surprisingly, most AC/DC fans were shocked when the band cancelled its Atlanta show. The AC/DC issued a statement on their website explaining the fate of this widely touted tour. The message was brief and stated that the AC/DC band had been compelled to reschedule the US leg of the 10 upcoming dates in the Rock or Bust World Tour.

The statement elaborated that the band's lead singer, Brian Johnson, had been advised by medics to stop performing, with immediate effect. Unless this was done, the singer risked suffering total hearing loss. For this reason, the upcoming show in Atlanta, Georgia, stood cancelled and would be rescheduled.

The greatest shock to the fans happened when Axl Rose was spotted in a rehearsal in Atlanta. The news soon broke that he was set to replace Johnson. It did not take long before the son of Malcom Young, the band's founder, admitted that this was actually true.

Yes, it's true, he said. A few fans immediately rushed to social media, criticizing the choice of Ross as frontman. They argued that Rose could not truly uphold the band's legacy. Soon, Ross Young responded swiftly. He posted a message on Facebook bluntly saying: He can… he will.

Australian High-Flying Celebs

Australian High-Flying Celebs

Australia is a world of many firsts. Even though many may not know it, quite a number of world -renowned celebs are Australian-born. Yes, these celebs are well-known for their polished accents, attractive faces and, of course, world-class talents.

Let us take some time to explore the world of Australian talent, the exports and Australia’s famous celebrities.

Cate Blanchett: Most film enthusiasts know that Cate Blanchett lives in Hollywood, California, USA. Regardless, it is a fact that this famous Australian celebrity actor was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia. Moreover, Cate, to date, still considers herself as Australian. She maintains a home in the country.

Cate Blanchett won accolades as a worldwide celebrity with her role in the film ‘Elizabeth’ where she brilliantly portrayed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I of England. Further, Cate also did well while acting in the successful production, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ where she portrayed Galadriel. Ever since this time, Cate has starred in several big-name blockbusters, further raising her profile as a famous Australian celebrity and highly successful actor.

Her Famous Movies: Although some years have passed since the famous Australian actor Cate Blanchett won an Oscar nomination, she has always deserved a place in the movies hall of fame. Cate Blanchett had a major international breakthrough in 1998, acting as Elizabeth in a star role. The film won her nomination as the first best actress. From this time, Cate has featured regularly in the famous Dolby Theatre Oscar pageants.

In particular, Cate has been recognized several times for her elegance and fine humor, attractive qualities that she carries along to her most sterling roles. In 2008, for instance, Cate won a double nomination for her role in the blockbuster movie, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ and ‘I’m Not There.’ Earlier on, in 2005, Cate won an Oscar for the film ‘The Aviator’. Further, in 2014, the star actress similarly won the Oscar recognition for her sterling role in the ‘Blue Jasmine’ film.

Yes, Cate is truly a great Australian star actress of the modern age. What do we know about her earlier history?

Cate Blanchett started out in Australia, her native country. With several steady television and stage roles, Kate eventually landed her major roles in the films ‘Oscar and Lucinda’, and ‘Paradise Road.’ Both of these were released in 1997.

It took just a year for the great film, ‘Elizabeth’ to start the actor out on the road to becoming a household name.

In time, this sterling performance was followed with several successful comedies, including: ‘Pushing Tin’, and literary thrillers like ‘Talented Mr. Ripley.’ Further, Cate starred in some successful dramas like the ‘Charlotte Gray’. She later had a brief but memorable appearance in Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Ring,’ acting as Galadriel,. She also starred in well-known films like ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, by Indiana Jones and ‘The ‘Aviator.’

Nicole Kidman: In reality, the actor Nicole Kidman, a famous Australian celebrity, was born in Hawaii, where her parents stayed temporarily as residents of the United States. By the time she was 4, however, Kidman had already returned to Australia. Interestingly, Kidman later returned to the US, eventually winning a role in the film, ‘Days of Thunder.’ This film earned her accolades and a place in the hearts of film lovers. That was back in 1990.

Incidentally, while in the US, Nicole met Tom Cruise, who became her first husband. In addition to her role in these films, Nicole won fame for acting in other films like ‘The Hours’ and ‘Moulin Rouge.’ Today, Nicole Kidman is popularly recognized as ranking among the most famous Australian celebrities in the film industry.

Portia De Rossi: Portia De Rosi is well known for her role in the films, ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Ally McBeal.’ She also played a central role in the success of some well-known films like ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘Better off Ted.’ Most fans are well acquainted with De Rossi as the wife of Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, she got married to this man, who became her husband, in 2008. Portia, born in Horsham and raised up in Grovedale, eventually moved to the US later, when in her early 20s.

Hugh Jackman: The renowned actor first became famous for his role in the famed seven ‘X’ Men movie. Here, Jackman brilliantly portrayed the Wolverine. Many agree that Hugh Jackman’s performance in this film was simply superb.

Regardless, most people believe that Jack’s most sterling performance was in the blockbuster film, ‘Les Miserables.’ In this film, Jackman played the role of the star character, Jean Valjean. Yes, many concur that Jackman’s performance was truly brilliant. But, who is Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman’s story starts with his birth in Sydney several decades back. The young Jackman started his career at the tender age of 22, eventually rising to stardom with his part in these movies, which catapulted his status to world fame.