Discovering Australia's Top Movie Celebs

Discovering Australia's Top Movie Celebs

Ranked as the sixth largest country and the smallest continent in the world, Australia is strategically located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Sea. Australia is about 2000 miles south east of the Asian mainland and approximately 7000 miles to the south west of North America. The country boasts of numerous movie celebrities known locally and in the international arena. Read on to know some of the most celebrated front -of- camera Australian stars.

Hugh Jackman

Most celebrated globally for the Marvel antihero role in the movie Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's net worth currently stands at $46 million. Jackman was born in Sydney and has spent most of his time touring the globe. He earned his inaugural academy award and the coveted Golden Globe award with his most recent hit "Les Miserables." He has won accolades in film, musical theatre and television.

Cate Blanchett

Care Blanchett is probably one of the greatest actresses in Australia. She has won numerous awards both on screen and on stage. Notable works include three screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Award, two Academy Awards and three BAFTA Awards. She graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1992. After graduation, Blanchett began working in the theatre industry.

Her debut in theatre was in the film realm, opposite Glenn Close in the year 1977. As a top ranking female celebrity, Blanchett's current net worth stands at $17.2 million. American audiences fondly remembers her for her role as Galadriel in the movie "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit franchises." She has also featured in the films "Knight of Cups", "Five Armies", and Disney's Live Action fairy tale "Cinderella".

Russell Crowe

Born in New Zealand, Crowe is one of the most celebrated actors in Australia. He has played several roles in award winning movies. He began his acting career in the early 1990s. Before joining the acting industry, he was a member of different bands. His debut in acting came with the roles in the Sum of Us and Romper Stopper as well as in the American movie "The Quick and the Dead". He was widely celebrated for his role in "Gladiator" where he won an Academy Award. He also featured in "Man of Steel", "Les Miserables", "The Water Diviner" and "Fathers and Daughters." Crow is also a known philanthropist and has donated to several charitable firms, especially in the field of education.

Simon Baker

Baker is a native of Launceston, Tasmania. He started his career as a musician and featured in music videos such as Home and Away, Simon Baker- Denny, E street and Heartbreak High.

He made his debut in the movie industry by featuring in the award winning American movie "L.A. Confidential." He has also played a lead role as Patrick Jane on CBS's "The Mentalist." He was awarded a star because of his starring role in the movie, "Walk of Fantasy" in 2013.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman was born in Hawaii and returned to Sydney when she was just three years old. She dropped out of school at a tender age of 16 to pursue a career in acting. She was married to Tom Cruise, an American actor. Nicole and Cruise divorced ten years into their marriage. Currently, she is married to an Australian musician, Keith Urban. She was thrown into the limelight after featuring in the Australian holiday favorite, "Bush Christmas" in the 80s. This was followed by her roles in BMX Bandits and Vietnam.

Her first major movie in USA was "Dead Calm" in 1989. She got her first major award by starring in "To Die First" in 1995 and won the Golden Globe Award. In 2005 she was nominated for her first Oscar. In 2002, Nicole Kidman became the first Australian actress to win the prestigious Oscar Award for her role in the movie "Hours." She has also featured in "Before I Go to Sleep", "Queen of the Desert", and "Paddington."

Chris Hemsworth

One of the youngest celebrated actors from Australia, Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne. He married the actress Elsa Patacky and the couple is blessed with three children. Chris earned the name "Thor" from "Marvel's Cinematic World" and has also featured in the Australian Soap Opera, "Home and Away." He made the first Hollywood appearance in 2009 featuring in "the Star Trek." He has also starred in "the Avengers," the cult hit "Cabin in the Woods," "Snow White" and "the Huntsman", as well as the Ron Howard-directed "Rush.

Surprising Bizarre Facts About Australia

Surprising Bizarre Facts About Australia

Australia is bountiful with awe-inspiring unique geographical phenomena. The country is well known for its vibrancy in natural beauty and a unique culture and history. So, take a look at what awaits you in this country full of wonderful possibilities.

The Australian Alps' Unique Natural Environment

The distinctive and spectacular Australian Alps stretches over 1.6 million hectares in eleven national parks. The area extends across the New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. In a country that is mostly dry, flat and hot, the high altitude peaks, alpine and submarine environment and glacial lakes are a rare sight to behold. The Australian Alps consist of numerous mountain environments and a wide range of plant communities. The plants range from snow gum woodlands to fern-filled forests. There are also open expanses of alpine meadows, dotted in summer and autumn with beautiful wildflowers.

Australia's Weird But Wonderful Wildlife

The continent is home to some of the world's cutest animals such as the kangaroo, wombat and koala. Australia also prides itself in rather unusual looking creatures found only in that country. A selfie with cuddly marsupials like quokkas, koalas and wombats are only possible in the island country. You can savor a rare wild moment with the frill-necked lizards only found in the warm tropical climate of Northern Australia. However, the habitat destruction continues to contribute to the declining numbers of this rare species of lizards. Like thorny devil's, the frill-necked lizards have an extraordinary ability to change color depending on their environment.

Australia's platypuses are another rare species of animals. The animals are known for their thick brown fur, soft bills, and front webbed paws. Male platypuses have a poisonous deadly spur, located right inside their hind legs. The animals spend a better part of the day in a burrow; they're mostly active in the mornings and late in the evenings. They have the uncanny ability to stay inside the water for long and use the cheek for food storage. Available data states that platypuses are currently not endangered though their existence depends on healthy water ways.

Australia: Home to the Pink Lake Hillier

The naturally occurring pink lake is situated on the Middle Island, the largest island in the Recherché Archipelago in Western Australia. The archipelago is part of the nature reserve and is recognized as one of Australia's wilderness areas. Tourists travel from different parts of the world to witness the peculiar allure of Lake Hillier. The pink color of the waters remains a mystery; the natural phenomenon has no proven scientific explanation. Unlike other pink lakes, Lake Hillier maintains its color throughout the year. Another interesting fact about the lake is that the closer you get to it the more translucent the water is. And even when you remove the water from the lake and bottle it, it retains its pink color.

Lake Hillier is naturally shallow with its shoreline covered in salt crust deposits; this makes the surrounding environment ten times saltier than the adjacent ocean. Discussions are rife on whether people should be allowed to swim in the saline pink waters of the lake. However the high saline condition of the lake makes swimming very uncomfortable. The lake is also quite shallow in nature and its shoreline is covered in salt crust deposits; this creates an environment that is ten times saltier than the nearby ocean. Although the lake is not open to public swimming due to the inaccessibility of the area, it is believed that this lake would be perfectly safe to swim in.

The Blue Mountains and Bungle Range

Located about 2 hours from the Sydney Central Business District, this mountain escarpment is a true awe of colors. Here you'll enjoy the beauty of the natural environment; green eucalyptus forest gives way to the prestigious red stone covered in the shimmering haze that tints the landscape blue. Indeed, the Blue Mountains provide some of the best tourist attractions in Australia: the Three Sisters, Echo Point, and the Great Dividing Range.

The Bungle Range is located in the Purnululu National Park in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. It's covered in condensed sandstone range and rises 1,000 feet above the surrounding plains. Also found here are some fascinating geographical features including the orange and black sandstone domes, tropical pools, dramatic gorges and caves that provide homes for unique mammals and wildlife.

Life Lessons From the Super Model Miranda Kerr

Life Lessons From the Super Model Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of the most famous Australian models. Her net worth is put at about $45 million. Miranda was born in 1983 in Sydney, Australia. She first studied psychology and nutrition, but later decided to concentrate on her career as a model. In 1997 at the tender age of13, Miranda Kerr won her first significant modelling competition.

She subsequently signed up for a modelling stint with Chic Management. Later, she appeared in the Billabong beachwear ads. Miranda Kerr soon relocated to New York, signing up with an organization known as the NEXT Model Management. Her modelling career did so well that, in a short while, Miranda became the brand image for many international brands. These included some household names like Betsey Johnson, Roberto Cavalli, Baby Phat, L.A.M.B, Neiman Marcus and Levi's. Miranda even made the cover of some leading international magazines including ‘Elle' and ‘Harper's Bazaar.' Indeed, Miranda famously featured in the pages of the renowned ‘Vogue' magazine, Australian edition.

Later still, Miranda acted as a model on the ‘Project Runway' season finale in 2006. She soon became the face of the New York Maybelline cosmetics. A year later, in 2007, Miranda was recruited by Victoria's Secret. This subsequently made her the first woman from Australia to become a VS Angel.

In 2009, Miranda, together with George Moskos, started a unique line of skincare products. It was known as the KORA Organics. Between 2008 and 2009 the respected ‘Forbes' magazine ranked Miranda Kerr as among the highest-paid models in the world. In her career, Miranda has variously featured as a model for the Vogue, Prada, and Balenciaga magazines.

In 2007, Miranda started dating actor Orlando Bloom. In 2010, the duo wed and a year later, in 2011, Miranda gave birth to a baby boy. During her pregnancy, Miranda was featured in the pages of the glossy ‘Vogue' magazine, scoring a distinction as the first ever pregnant woman to feature on the magazine. Sadly, Miranda and Bloom separated later in 2013.

Love Life

In 2015, Miranda Kerr came out publicly to introduce her newfound boyfriend. This happened in Beverly Hills, at a pre-Grammys gala when Miranda was 32-year-old. The man was Evan Spiegel, the billionaire entrepreneur who founded the famous Snapchat.

This was Miranda's first public romance, coming hot on the heels of the divorce with Orlando Bloom. Miranda said that she and Evan had been friends for a long time before the idea of dating later came in. The relationship between the two was confirmed in November 2015. Miranda glowingly described Spiegel as a kind person, genuine and authentic. The accolades were many. She said Evan was also highly intelligent.

After 6 months of dating, Miranda and Spiegel were ready to introduce the new dad to the boy, born with Orlando, who was then 5 years. Miranda described her new family as warm and caring. She said that, even though her new partner was only 25, Spiegel behaved responsibly, just like a 50 year-old.

She said Spiegel did not like partying. He worked in Venice [Beach], came home, and they rarely ate out. Rather, they prefer to stay at home, have dinner together, and go to bed early.

Miranda admits that there were definite advantages to dating a younger man, because it allowed her to have the best of both worlds.

Generous Beauty Tips

Miranda loves sharing her beauty tips.

She says that having a healthy skin means having a beautiful skin. For this reason, it is important for a woman to feed the skin, both from the inside and the outside.

Here are the tips:

Choose something fresh and organic – whenever possible. Produce and drink enough water. Use nutrient-rich skincare, full of fatty acids. Miranda says that this is precisely why she developed the KORA organics. She says that the supplements are formulated to protect, feed and nourish a woman's skin.

What does Miranda do each day to remain in perfect shape?

Yes, you guessed right. She often works out. Nevertheless, Miranda said that she ensures whatever forms of workouts she chooses reflects what she loves doing. In this way, the whole thing becomes less of a chore. For instance, Miranda says she practices yoga daily. It doesn't matter if this is done for just 20 minutes; it gets done, nevertheless. After this, Miranda says, she does a rotating game between swimming, ballet, cycling, Pilates and hiking to keep in great shape.

Craziest Tales of Australia Revealed

Craziest Tales of Australia Revealed

Australia is well known around the world. This is despite the fact that we are talking about an isolated faraway island that should, in most respects, be nondescript. Have you heard about some really interesting facts about Australia? You will find quite a few of these facts crazier than the craziest tales on record. Here we go:

Australia Can Swallow Entire Europe

Did you know that Australia is actually as large and wide as the measurement of the area lying between London and Moscow? This is Amazing, isn’t it? If you are still wondering what this means, consider this: The whole continent of Europe would actually be small enough to fit into the single country of Australia. Moreover, the whole of Belgium can fit into a single largest property found in Australia.

Despite the fact that Australia is so big, it is intriguing that about 85% of the people of this country reside within 50 km of the country’s coast. Also, this indicates that Australia is very sparsely populated. Just to give us some idea of what this means, the population distribution in the United Kingdom is currently estimated as 248.25 persons in every square kilometer. In comparison, the population distribution in Australia is just 2.66 people for every square kilometer. Keeping these facts in mind, it is not much of a wonder that Australia is so amazing that, each week at least 70 visitors are known to overstay their visas.

Australia’s Richest Woman Rakes in $598 a Second

How wealthy is the country of Australia? Think about this for a fleeting moment:

Melbourne, Australia, was the richest city in the world in 1880. Today, the richest woman in Australia is known as Gina Rinehart. How much does Ms. Herbert earn, calculated in every 30 minutes? Well, the figure comes to $1 million in every half-hour. This translates to $598 per second. Isn’t it a mistake that the authors of world history generally center much on Europe and America exclusively? The right answer is anyone’s guess.

Further, consider this: in 1892, a group of 200 Australian dissidents attempted to establish an offshoot colony located in Paraguay. This colony was named as ‘New Australia.’

There is even more to say about Australia’s rich, amazing history. We all know that the first man in history walked the surface of the moon in 1969. But do we know that the first photos announcing this seminal event in man’s life were shot from Australia? Yes, the memorable photos were beamed and broadcast worldwide from Canberra’s Honeysuckle Tracking Station. Then also, after New Zealand, Australia became only the second country in the world to grant equal voting rights to women, same as men.

Besides being among the United Nation’s original founding members in 1945, Australia is also recognized as the country that gave birth to the popular concept of an 8-hour- working- day. This idea first became part of Australia’s national heritage back in 1956 when the union of stonemasons acted to ensure that this system became the standard, not only in Australia but also worldwide.

Australian PM Breaks Beer-Drinking Record

Interestingly, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a distinctive new world record, sculling 2.5 pints of beer in just 11 seconds. Mr Hawke later joked that his great love for beer contributed much to his popularity and political success.

There are other things that seem to be peculiar to Australia as a country. Think of this: Australia's first ever police force was formed by the best-behaved convicts as a rehabilitative reward. Also, the Qantas in Australia at one time powered an interstate flight using cooking oil as jet fuel.

We probably know that Australians are famous for having an exceptional love for sport. Yet, did you know that Melbourne is today considered by many as the world’s sporting capital? The city earns this distinction primarily because it boasts of making the top level sports accessible to all the citizens. This distinction makes the city rank higher than others in the world.

Australia is quite surprising considering the country’s natural fauna. It is thought that, well before the arrival of man on earth, Australia was already home to 3m tall kangaroos, horse-size ducks, 7m long goannas and a leopard-size marsupial lion.

Yes, the Australian coat-of-arms features several distinct animals. Of these, emus and kangaroos are unique in the sense that they are not able to walk backward. And, of course, Australia has a dubious distinction, being among the only countries where the people can eat the characters on their national coat of arms.

And, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is considered as the earth’s largest living structure, with a unique assigned postbox.