Fascinating Independent Cinemas in Australia

Fascinating Independent Cinemas in Australia

Would you love to enjoy some charming independent cinema thrills that are uniquely Australian? Yes, you can find some great treats visiting some of Australia’s best and most fascinating independent cinema establishments.

Making a trip to the nerve center of Australia’s theaters and movies is an unforgettable experience that will remain embedded in the memory for a long time. Whether you wish to start at the Avoca Beach seaside Picture Theatre or the urban space Rooftop cinemas above Melbourne’s famous skyscrapers, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in Australia. Among the places that anyone cannot afford to miss are special Indie Venues.

In case you are ready to traverse the county from as far as Sydney, going over to Adelaide, there is no problem. Australia is a well-known land of plenty. Talking about independent cinemas, you will find yourself very much at home in Australia. Indeed, Australia’s theatre today ranks as some of the best in the world. Further, the county's towns and cities provide some of the most delectable feasts that a visitor can get anywhere. Yes, Australia is a real paradise of creative theatre.

Well, it’s time to talk about a variety of Australia’s most fascinating independent cinemas on offer:

Adelaide’s Capri Theatre: The Capri Theatre is strategically located in the Goodwood area of Australia’s southern city of Adelaide. It is officially designated as an art Deco cinema. If you want to enjoy the show -stopping experience of the legendary Wurlitzer organ, this is the place to be. Indeed, the Capri Theatre is Australian theatre’s centerpiece utility.

The Art Deco cinema’s Capri Theatre was first built and established in the 1930s. It is a classic example of the Art Deco architecture of a long gone era. What else will you enjoy when visiting this legendary place? Plenty.

One of the most loved features of entertainment here is the Nostalgia Movie Nights. This is a multi-annual event that thrusts you right in the center of a vintage-style glamour.

You can enjoy this if you are willing to attend the event. A famous characteristic of this experience are the advertising episodes. This is a combination of supporting retro shorts, classic movies and newsreels. If you want to get a dose of some highly nostalgic fun, you cannot find a better theatre than the Capri in Adelaide.

Sydney’s Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace: This is one place you should never fail to visit whenever you are in Australia. The Hayden Picture Palace is located right there, in the heart of the city of Sydney. It is easy to locate along the ever busy Military Road. This fascinating Picture Palace has been famously described as the Orpheum Picture Palace’s art deco brilliance.

The beautiful piano bar, mixed with the classical silent film screenings, is a sublime experience that takes you back to the nostalgic decades of the 1930s. Moreover, the silent screenings are served together with the ever green and original Wurlitzer organ. Yes, the Hayden Picture Palace is a superbly glamorous cinema house, complete with a measure of highly innovative programming.

You certainly cannot afford to miss it.

The NSW Avoca Beach Picture Theatre:The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre is uniquely located next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the New South Wales area of Avoca. This outstanding art theatre has been voted severally as among the best Independent Regional Cinemas in Australia.

While here, you can enjoy a range of films, from the blockbuster to the arthouse secrets. Moreover, you will find it all lovingly curated by the owners and designed for a maximum enjoyment by the hordes of its audiences. You will, no doubt, be thrilled with the community- focused environment prevailing around the theatre. The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre was first established in 1948. Since then, it has been run and curated by four generations of the famous Hunter family. The Avoca Beach Theatre is, doubtless, a most charming theatre of the single- screen nature.

Melbourne’s Rooftop Cinema: You would probably enjoy a hip experience visiting Melbourne city. If so, take a visit to Melbourne’s famous Rooftop Cinema. This cinema happens to be one of Melbourne’s most enjoyable destinations, featuring a fiesta-like vibe. Visiting here, you are always welcome to tour the Rooftop Bar, found in the city’s downtown area.

Moreover, while here, you can enjoy plenty of classical features, including the famous Napoleon Dynamite, the Casablanca and Think Clueless. You will find an array of well-curated, contemporary blockbusters and art house features, all available at your disposal.

Further, if you are creative enough, you will discover a beautiful on-site burger stand. This generally works well with the gourmet popcorn. Finally, while at the famed Rooftop Cinema, the hosts at the Rooftop Bar will ensure you are well- stocked with some wonderful craft beers and exhilarating glasses of wine to boot.

A guide to cafes in Melbourne

A guide to cafes in Melbourne

When it comes to the art of coffee, there's no doubt that Australian cities Melbourne and Sydney are two of the world's forerunners. Coffee culture abounds in Melbourne, with innovative baristas whipping up some of the finest blends using creative brewing styles. Melbourne's best cafes are also located in some truly interesting spaces; from humble cafes with beach views to former Milk Bar's transformed into Insta-worthy coffee paradises.

Cafe Lafayette

If it's atmosphere you're after, don't miss Cafe Lafayette, the perfect place if you're looking for brunch with exceptional views. Grab one of their window seats to look out over the sea and indulge in some of their awesome coffee. The cafe does a great selection of Asian food, so nibble on some of their dim sum like guo bao sliders - their comfit pork filling is a favourite, topped off with dried shallot and hoi sin sauce. Their karrage (Japanese fried chicken) and baked scallops are also definitely worthy of your attention. After that, there's nothing better to do than walk along the nearby beach with a coffee to go.

Proud Mary Coffee

For coffee aficionados, head over to Proud Mary Coffee, easily recognizable by its red brick building. Located close to Fitzroy Garden, why not take your coffee to go and sip it while chilling in the garden with a book or while having a chat with a friend? Proud Mary Coffee prides itself on making top notch filter coffee - and you can try unique blends, like Ethiopian sourced Guji Hambela Buku, which has notes of ripe peaches or Colombian La Negrita, a spicy and acidic blend. Pair them with some of their great homemade toasts, served with local honey or vegemite. Their version of brunch favourite avocado toast is also celebrated - the avocado is marinated and is topped off with blackened corn succotash to give the dish a totally unique flavour.

Plain Sailing

If you like your coffee with a side of mouth-watering excess, Plain Sailing in Elwood is the place you should visit. Its most legendary brunch dish is a fried peanut butter cookie and cream bao - if that wasn't enough, it's also filled with banana bread, vanilla mascarpone, chocolate and popcorn crumble. Needless to say, brunch is something they excel at here. If you're after something a little more savoury, try their slow cooked pulled pork benedict - and indulgent rendition of the breakfast classic. Wash it down with one of their classic caffeine fixes, blended by Niccolo Coffee - the cold brew here is renowned. Or, if you're feeling a little merrier, they have an extensive list of breakfast cocktails - from bloody mary to mimosas.

Good Times Milk Bar

If you're looking for an Insta-worthy coffee break, head over to this former milk bar, which has been transformed into a pastel hued wonderland. Grab a seat in one of their diner-style benches and feast on a bite from their brilliant brunch menu - Dippy Eggs is a gourmet version of humble boiled egg and soldiers - where sourdough bread is dusted with pecorino and the eggs are capped with avocado cream. The perfect accompaniment is one of their small batch flat whites. The place is decked out with plants from local green boutique Glasshaus, and there's a pooch-friendly garden at the back of the cafe. It's the perfect place to while away a Sunday morning while having great coffee and food.

Matcha Mylkbar

Vegans should keep an eye out for stylish cafe Matcha Mylkbar, which has drawn in a whole host of local influencers and celebrities including Chris Hemsworth. The only Matcha based cafe in the city, as well as one of the top vegan joints, you can't go wrong with ordering their Matcha Latte - made with your choice of vegan coconut, soy or almond milk. If you're here for brunch, complement it with their We Love You A Waffle Lot plate - an all vegan extravaganza with activated charcoal waffles, egg, bacon, halloumi and maple syrup. For those looking for a nutrient boost, order one of their plant-based bowls - You Are So Ramen-tic is a spicy broth-based dish filled with veggies.

Top emerging fringe festivals in Australia

Top emerging fringe festivals in Australia

Fringe festivals are popular all over the globe, but nowhere supports them as enthusiastically as Australia. The alternative arts festivals, which often champion experimental performances and exhibitions, are deeply creative and inclusive affairs. A visit to one of Australia's biggest fringe festivals will introduce you to art from all over the nation - and from international performers - who flock to be a part of Australia's open minded and celebratory events.

Sydney Fringe Festival (in photo)

A newer edition to Australia's fringe festival scene, Sydney Fringe was first held in 2010, and since then has taken place every September in New South Wales. It's the largest visual and performing arts event held in the state and is filled with a myriad of acts from stand up to burlesque and has even hosted leftfield events like podcast recordings and indie video game events. For comedy fans, head over to venue The Factory Theatre in Marrickville, where you can spot Sydney's best regular comedians as well as newcomers who might become your next favourite. Or if you're keen to check out new works of experimental live art, venue PACT is your best bet - you can find everything from dance to theatre performed in this creative space. All in all, if you're ready to celebrate the strange and the beautiful, head over to Sydney Fringe.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival takes the crown of the world's second largest annual arts festival, and the biggest in Australia, and for 31 days in late February and early March features more than 5, 000 artists both from Australia and from all over the world. Come to Adelaide for the sheer variety of art on offer, and for experiencing an array of quirky pop up venues, from parks to warehouses and disused buildings, the city is transformed during the course of the festival. From cabaret to comedy, visual art to magic, you'll be sure to come away with an expanded sense of contemporary art today.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

This unique space for self-expression in arty city Melbourne plays host to thousands of artists each year with more than 400 events in over 160 venues. 350, 000 people flood into the city to be part of this amazing event, which prides itself on supporting art for everyone and aims to spread cultural democracy around the city. The event opened in 1982 and is Melbourne's longest running arts festival. From theatre to music, art installations to comedy nights, you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of creativity each September. They also often have innovative children's programming, like their Prehistoric VR experience which was adapted from visual theatre company Erth's incredible live show - kids will experience swimming through the strange and colourful prehistoric ocean.

Darwin Fringe

This July, more than 300 artists and 80 shows will be taking over the city of Darwin. Defining itself as a community arts festival, it showcases work from every genre imaginable. Come to the sunny city to experience experimental music, theatre, comedy and spoken word, and see the city's spaces comes to life with countless art installations. Recent acts at Darwin Fringe have included Train Lines, a moving piece of theatre about a life changing connection made while waiting for a train, and Howl, a spoken word event which invites the audience to explore human vulnerability through poetry.

Fringe World, Perth

In late January and early February every year, Perth lights up with its renowned Fringe festival. The summertime festival is the third largest fringe in the world, with more than 368, 000 attendees in 2018. Acts range from circus to comedy, cabaret and dance, and take place in more than 138 different venues around the city. Don't miss the weekly busking event, Fringe Fridays, where international buskers perform at the atmospheric Twilight Hawkers Market. The festival often hosts some incredible circus performances, like Yummy, a show stopping event which blends drag, circus, burlesque and music. Theatre fans will enjoy plays like Orpheus, a modern-day musical version of the ancient Greek myth.

Skincare brands that celebrities swear by

Skincare brands that celebrities swear by

Aussie skincare has been garnering attention for years. From Miranda Kerr's bestselling Kora Organics which uses local Australian ingredients, to A'kin's specialist products for sensitive skin, it's easy to find an Australian skincare line to suit you. Try unique native ingredients like noni extract and juniper berry extract, and let your skin be soothed by these one-of-a-kind products.

Kora Organics

This award-winning skincare brand with a focus on organic ingredients was created by famous Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. All products are 100% Australian made and nothing is tested on animals. Products are based on quirky homegrown Australian ingredients like noni extract (Miranda has been a fan of this since it was introduced to her at age 12 by her grandmother,) Pacific ocean salt and rosehip seed oil. One of their best-selling products is the Noni Glow Body Oil, perfect for getting a summery skin vibe.


Beloved by many a beauty blogger, Go-To is an effective, cruelty free brand with beautifully designed products that look great on your bathroom shelf. Created by beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake, their best-selling products include body oil, silk pillowcases and exfoliating facial pads. All of Go-To's products are completely natural and pride themselves on their down to earth presentation. Try their Exfoliating Swipers for a naturally derived AHA lactic acid exfoliator, and their Face Hero oil, a multi-purpose, well-reviewed face oil which combines over 10 different nourishing plant and nut oils.


With an emphasis on botanical ingredients whirled into creative and therapeutic combinations, Aesop creates earthy, effective products. Try their Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser or Fabulous Face Oil, which blends juniper berry and jasmine petal extracts to create a nourishing facial treatment. The Aussie brand encourages fans to adopt a balanced lifestyle and aims to complement each user's natural beauty instead of focusing on ideas like anti-aging. Get your hands on one of their iconic glass bottles to make your bathroom a little more Insta-worthy too.


For sensitive skin types, make sure you try A'kin's gentle line of skincare products. Everything they create is 100% vegan and created from natural ingredients, and you won't find sulphates, parabens or silicones in any of their creations. A'kin was founded in 1987, when a botanical chemist, Will Evans, noticed a lack of high quality botanically-derived beauty products on the market. Specialising in both hair and skincare, don't miss their bestselling Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C which will gently soothe and moisturise your skin, while giving you a healthy glow. Their Hydrating Micellar Water is also a fan favourite, which gently removes make up and dirt from the skin. Its pH balanced formula is infused with anti-inflammatory green tea and coconut water to cleanse without drying out your skin.

Frank Body

Melbourne brand Frank Body make a unique cult product that once you try, you'll be hooked on. They produce an award-winning coffee ground body scrub, that was conceived of when five friends working in a coffee shop had a brainwave. Coffee is great as an exfoliator as the caffeine naturally stimulates collagen, and is packed full of antioxidants to nourish your skin and make it glow. Their Insta-worthy pink packaging will also look great in your bathroom. Their non-toxic products are strictly made with zero animal testing and all items are produced in Australia.


Another Aussie brand with a down to earth approach, Lanolips was created by Kirsten Carriol, who grew up on a sheep farm and was inspired by her father, a DNA scientist. Growing up, Carriol was introduced to the incredible skincare properties of lanolin, contained in sheep's wool. She started her product line with The Original 101 Ointment, a multipurpose balm packed with medical grade lanolin and revered for its skin soothing abilities.


Beloved by celebrities and beauty editors the world over, Jurlique's cult products hail from Australia. The brand has created hundreds of treatments, and best rated are its Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser, which uses gentle rose extract to cleanse the skin without stripping away moisture, and the Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream is a godsend for those prone to rosacea or sensitivity of any kind. The rich chamomile and calendula-based lotion soothes and nourishes skin.